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Mea Culpa Glass

Mea Culpa Glass
Mea Culpa Glass
Beer Mania
The shape we have chosen came to us in a dream.

After that we had to put our ideas on paper, make drawings of what we wanted, and begin the search for a glassmaker able and willing to make a high quality product.

Our search led us to a firm in the Czech Republic whose glassblowers were excited and enthusiastic about our design and willing to face the challenge of making it.

We visited the works to discuss what could be done. We were given a complete tour of the works including a hands-on try at making something.

We just avoided disaster when molten glass at 2400 degrees just missed falling on our hand.

The blowers produced a series of prototypes from which we selected two styles, one for serving in the bar, and one for gift packs.

From the first blowing of the bowl to the packing stage, seventeen different people are involved for each glass. During one of the heating stages, the percentage of breakages is around 30%.

The final result, however, is a superb glass of Bohemian crystal which is both rugged and beautiful. We are proud of it.

Mea Culpa Glass

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