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Mea Culpa Gift Box

Mea Culpa Gift Box
Mea Culpa Gift Box
Beer Mania
This prestigious presentation box contains:

One hand-made Bohemian crystal 500ml glass.

One 33cl bottle of Mea Culpa blonde beer.

Lastly a 150g sachet of chocolate squares, handmade in Brussels, Belgium.

Size: 30 x 22 cm

We reflected long and hard on what kind of beer to produce. Over the two years, with the help of a competent small brewery, we have made at least fourteen different brews, adjusting here and there after each one, until we finally were satisfied with what is now
Mea Culpa. With its use of ten different spices, blended to a recipe which is a trade secret, we have a smooth, blond beer, which reveals different flavours with each sip you take. The head is large and long-lasting and the beer keeps and matures with age, if you have the strength of will to leave it for a while.
Mea Culpa Beer

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