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About 40 years ago Belgium wheat beers had virtually died out, Hoegaarden successfully reintroduced them in 1960s.

Generally wheat beers, which also have some barley and perhaps oats, are unfiltered cloudy beers with a light refreshing flavour.

Hoegaarden Blanche in particular has slight lemon flavour. Some are acidic.

Others are smoother, sometimes with hints of coriander.

Brand: Brasserie de Bastogne Model: 33CL-ardenne-belle-d'été
Brasserie de Bastogne6%33cl..
Ardenne Blanche BIO
New Out Of Stock
Brand: Brasserie de Bastogne Model: 33CL-ardenne-blanche-bio
Brasserie de Bastogne5%33cl..
Brand: Belgo Sapiens Brewers Model: Blanche de Thines
Belgo Sapiens Brewers4.8%33cl..
Blanche du Hainaut Bio
Out Of Stock
Brand: Brasserie Dupont Model: 25CL blanche du hainaut bio
Brasserie Dupont5.5%25clCommercial description: Tasting: Lightly chilled as an aperitif or as companion for fish and light meals...
Brugs Blanche
Out Of Stock
Brand: Alken-Maes Model: 25CL brugs-blanche
Alken-Maes4.8%25clBrugs  Witbier - Made from malt, oats, wheat and hops it is light and refreshing...
Brand: Brasserie Brunehaut Model: 33CL-brunehaut-bio-blanche
Brasserie Brunehaut 5%33clIt has a slightly stronger colour than white beers usually have, certainly pale but with the typical look of the house. Light, fine head with average maintenance. Delicate..
Brand: En Stoemelings Model: 33CL-chike-madmoiselle
En Stoemelings6% 33clWhite beer with 3 grains (barley, wheat and oats) and jasmine..
Fantome Dark White
2-3 Days
Brand: Brasserie Fantome Model: 75CL-fantome-dark-white
Brasserie Fantome 4.5% 75cl..
Grisette Blanche Bio
Out Of Stock
Brand: Brasserie St-Feuillien Model: 33CL-grisette-blanche-bio
Brasserie St-Feuillien5.5% 25cl Grisette Blanche Bio belongs to the rich family of Belgian white beers. It is therefore very refreshing in summer. However, it remains a fullbodied, savoury beer offering lots of contrast. Its head is typical of wheaty beers – creamy and compact – with an opaque, hazy..
Brand: En Stoemelings Model: 33CL-hoppy-madame
En Stoemelings4% 33cl Hoppy Witbier..
Brand: Brasserie de bellevaux Model: 33CL-malmedy-blanche
Brasserie de bellevaux 4,8% 33cl..
Brand: Van Den Bossche Model: 33CL-pater-lieven-blanche
Brouwerij Van Den Bossche 4.5% 33cl..
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