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Beer Mania stocks upwards of 400 beers which cover the full spectrum of Belgium beer production. As you might expect they fall into a number quality ratings such as :-

Absolutely top notch - quality Belgium beer.

A classic, but an acquired taste.


An 'interesting experiment'.

What the hell is this!

Our featured beers carry the BEER MANIA stamp of quality and generally come for the first category.

Brand: Brasserie Dubuisson Model: 33CL bush blond
Brasserie Dubuisson10.5%33clA "lighter!" beer from Dubuisson at 10%. Aroma of fresh hops and fruit, a silky smoothness, a good malty tast with a hint of vanilla and lemon with a dry finish - what joy!..
Bush de Noël
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Brand: Brasserie Dubuisson Model: 33CL-bush-de-noël
Brasserie Dubuisson12%33clThe Bush de Noël is amber in colour with aromas ranging from banana and pineapple to caramel and dried fruits.The Bush de Noël is full, rounded and beautifully dense.It has a slightly bitter taste with an underlying sweetness, yielding to aromas of caramel and praline and r..
Brand: Brasserie Caracole Model: 33CL caracole amber
Brasserie Caracole 7.5%  33cl  This is lean, elegant, long on the palate with deep and lasting hop flavour with a hint of orange peel. ..
Caulier Blonde
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Model: 33CL caulier blonde
Caulier 6.8% 33cl ..
Caulier Brune
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Model: 33CL caulier brune
Caulier 6.8% 33cl ..
Brand: Brouwerij De Dochter van de Korenaar Model: Charbon
Brouwerij De Dochter van de Korenaar 7% 33cl A classic dry stout of 7% vol alcohol, brewed with smoked wheat malt and flavored with fresh vanilla.Charbon is a beer with contradictions: the roasted flavors work together with the smoke flavor from oak-smoked wheat malt to give a good dose of pit with ..
Brand: Brouwerij Haacht Model: 33CL brown charles quint
Brouwerij Haacht  8.5% 33cl Charles Quint Ruby Red is a dark, top-fermented specialty beer with a smooth and fruity aroma that ends in a mildly sweet aftertaste of hops...
Chike Mademoiselle
New Out Of Stock
Brand: En Stoemelings Model: 33CL-chike-madmoiselle
En Stoemelings6% 33clWhite beer with 3 grains (barley, wheat and oats) and jasmine..
Brand: Abbaye de Scourmont Model: 33CL-chimay-blue
Abbaye de Scourmont 9% 33cl The Chimay Blue is a dark ale with a powerful aroma. Its complex flavor improves with passing time.Smooth, rich, complex. Ideal end of meal beer...
Brand: Abbaye de Scourmont Model: 33CL-chimay-dorée
Abbaye de Scourmont 4.8% 33cl Commercial description: The Chimay Gold, which is brewed in the heart of Scourmont Abbey, was for long reserved for the monastic community and its guests and staff. Its refreshing aromas of hops and spice are now yours to try...
Brand: Abbaye de Scourmont Model: 75CL-chimay-grande-réserve-armagnac-barrel-aged-2020
Abbaye de Scourmont 10.5% 75cl..
Brand: Abbaye de Scourmont Model: 75CL-chimay-grande-réserve-rhum-barrel-aged
Abbaye de Scourmont 10.5% 75cl On the eye, the beer boasts a deep brown robe with a bright glint. Its extremely fine and smooth foam also possesses a slight shade of cream.On the nose, notes of vanilla, marzipan and wood are equally predominant. On the palate, the woodiness cloaks the bread crust, r..
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