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Beer Mania stocks upwards of 400 beers which cover the full spectrum of Belgium beer production. As you might expect they fall into a number quality ratings such as :-

Absolutely top notch - quality Belgium beer.

A classic, but an acquired taste.


An 'interesting experiment'.

What the hell is this!

Our featured beers carry the BEER MANIA stamp of quality and generally come for the first category.

Brand: Brouwerij De Halve Maan Model: 33CL brugse zot
Brouwerij De Halve Maan6%33clBrugse Zot Blond is a golden blond beer with a rich foam collar and a fruity yet spicy bouquet. The beer is brewed with four different kinds of malt and two aromatic varieties of hop which give the beer its inimitable taste...
Brand: Brasserie Brunehaut Model: 33CL-brunehaut-bio-ambree
Brasserie Brunehaut 6.5%33clBrunehaut Amber Bio - Organic & Gluten Free, A pretty red beer with an old Tawny colour, delicate amber with cognac accents...
Brand: Brasserie Brunehaut Model: 33CL-brunehaut-bio-blanche
Brasserie Brunehaut 5%33clIt has a slightly stronger colour than white beers usually have, certainly pale but with the typical look of the house. Light, fine head with average maintenance. Delicate..
Brand: Brasserie Brunehaut Model: 33CL-brunehaut-bio-blond
Brasserie Brunehaut 6.5%33clVery light golden with a delicate and persistent mousse, lovely in the glass...
Brand: Brasserie Brunehaut Model: 33CL-brunehaut-bio-tripel
Brasserie Brunehaut 8%33clA more coppery appearance and maintained, antique or light with a good persistent head...
Brand: Brasserie de la Senne Model: 33CL brusseleir
Brasserie de la Senne 8% 33cl Powerful and complex, the Brusseleir is distinguished by its rich malt character and light chocolate notes. It has 8% alc...
Brand: Brasserie Dubuisson Model: 33CL bush ambrée
Brasserie Dubuisson12%33clA deep amber colour, a furry head, soft, creamy, fruity scents all with a soft, rounded, smooth palate with a taste of walnut ander a lingering dryness disguise the formidable strength of this beer...
Brand: Brasserie Dubuisson Model: 33CL bush blond
Brasserie Dubuisson10.5%33clA "lighter!" beer from Dubuisson at 10%. Aroma of fresh hops and fruit, a silky smoothness, a good malty tast with a hint of vanilla and lemon with a dry finish - what joy!..
Bush de Noël
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Brand: Brasserie Dubuisson Model: 33CL-bush-de-noël
Brasserie Dubuisson12%33clThe Bush de Noël is amber in colour with aromas ranging from banana and pineapple to caramel and dried fruits.The Bush de Noël is full, rounded and beautifully dense.It has a slightly bitter taste with an underlying sweetness, yielding to aromas of caramel and praline and r..
Brand: Brasserie Caracole Model: 33CL caracole amber
Brasserie Caracole 7.5%  33cl  This is lean, elegant, long on the palate with deep and lasting hop flavour with a hint of orange peel. ..
Caulier Blonde
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Model: 33CL caulier blonde
Caulier 6.8% 33cl ..
Caulier Brune
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Model: 33CL caulier brune
Caulier 6.8% 33cl ..
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