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Beer Mania stocks upwards of 400 beers which cover the full spectrum of Belgium beer production. As you might expect they fall into a number quality ratings such as :-

Absolutely top notch - quality Belgium beer.

A classic, but an acquired taste.


An 'interesting experiment'.

What the hell is this!

Our featured beers carry the BEER MANIA stamp of quality and generally come for the first category.

Brand: Brouwerij Slaghmuylder Model: 33CL brown witkap-pater dubbel
Brouwerij Slaghmuylder 7% 33cl Commercial Description - Witkap-Pater Dubbel Pater (Alc. 7% vol.) is a dark-brown monks-beer with cream-colored foam collar, a mouthful taste with touches of caramel. Remarkable beer that suites belgium chocolate deserts...
Brand: Brouwerij Slaghmuylder Model: 33CL amber witkap-pater special
Brouwerij Slaghmuylder 5.5% 33cl..
Brand: Brouwerij Slaghmuylder Model: 33CL blanche witkap-pater stimulo
Brouwerij Slaghmuylder 6% 33cl..
Brand: Brouwerij Slaghmuylder Model: 33CL blonde witkap-pater tripel
Brouwerij Slaghmuylder 7.5% 33cl Commercial Description - Witkap·Pater Tripel (Alc. 7,5% vol.) is a clear gold-yellow beer, with a complex taste, a fruity nose and a beatifull long aftertaste.This is a delicate beer for gourmets.In the ‘New York Times’ this beer is ranked at 8th place of the best be..
Brand: Wolf Model: 33CL blonde wolf 7
Brouwerij Wolf 7.4% 33cl Commercial Description - Golden blond beer with a beautiful firm, white head and an aroma of vanilla, white pepper and some fruity scents. The main palate is soft sweet, creamy with a moderate alcohol impression. The aftertaste, on the other hand, is softly bitter with flavo..
Brand: Wolf Model: 33CL brown wolf 8
Brouwerij Wolf 8.5% 33cl Dark brown burgundy-coloured beer with a solid off-white foam head and a pleasant aroma of pear and roasted nuts. Its palate is nutty with chocolate impressions, followed by exotic fruit. A beer full of character with a beautiful, full-bodied finish of bitter hop and caramel..
Brand: Wolf Model: 33CL brown wolf 9
Brouwerij Wolf 9% 33cl Dark amber coloured beer with a dense rocky foam head. It has a fruity aroma with scents of banana and pear. The palate is sweet and fruity, with suggestions of apricot. The finish is strong and spicy, with a sweet, warm alcohol impression...
Brand: De Ranke Model: 33CL-xx-bItter
Brasserie De Ranke6%33clXX-bitter is our most bitter, high-fermenting beer. Despite its low alcohol content, it produces a very rich, long lasting, full flavour...
Brand: Brasserie de la Senne Model: 33CL-zinnebir
Brasserie de la Senne 5.8% 33cl Malty, with a fine bitterness and a long aftertaste. The scent is complex, developing a fruity-hop intense fragrance...
Brand: Crombe Model: Zottegemse Grand Cru
Brouwerij Crombe 8.4%33cl..
Brand: De Kievit Trappist Brewery Model: 33CL-zundert-10
De Kievit Trappist Brewery10%33clTrappist beer brewed in the Netherlands..
Brand: De Kievit Trappist Brewery Model: 33CL-zundert-8
De Kievit Trappist Brewery8%33clTrappist beer brewed in the Netherlands..
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