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Beer Mania stocks upwards of 400 beers which cover the full spectrum of Belgium beer production. As you might expect they fall into a number quality ratings such as :-

Absolutely top notch - quality Belgium beer.

A classic, but an acquired taste.


An 'interesting experiment'.

What the hell is this!

Our featured beers carry the BEER MANIA stamp of quality and generally come for the first category.

Brand: Brasserie C Model: 37.5CL curtius blonde
Brasserie C 7% 37.5cl La Curtius is a blond beer brewed with a number of premium quality products, recognizable through its light taste and refreshing flavors. Composed with different malts of barley and wheat, its base grants it a pleasant lightness while the addition of aromatic hop blossoms gives..
Cuvee Ermesinde
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Brand: Brasserie Saint-Monon Model: Cuvee Ermesinde
Brasserie Saint-Monon7.8%33clA 7.8% amber beer. It is made naturally from mainly local ingredients from the South East of Belgium. There are no added chemicals. Ithas floral and fruit scents, tastes of liquorice, fig and honey, and a mildly bitter persistent aftertaste mixed with caramel...
De Poes
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Brand: De Poes Model: 33CL de poes blonde
Brouwerij De Poes 8% 33cl ..
Brand: De Ryck Model: 33CL-amber-de-ryck-special
Brouwerij De Ryck5.5%33clSpecial De Ryck is an authentic Special Belge amber coloured Ale made with pure ingredients (hops, malt, yeast and water) and has a fruity hop flavour and slightly bitter aftertaste...
Brand: Het Nest Model: 33CL-het-nest-dead-man-s-hand
Brouwerij Het Nest10%33CL..
Brand: Bosteels Model: 75CL deus
Brouwerij Bosteels11.5%75clRefreshing as an aperitif. And just as full of flavour and rich in aroma as a beer from heaven. That's DeuS. A magnificent symbiosis of brewing a beer and creating a spakling wine. Ideal for delighting your guests sometimes as an unusual choice with the before-dinner nibbl..
Diole Amber
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Brand: Brasserie des Carrières Model: 33Cl diole amber
Brasserie des Carrières7.5%33clvery elegant dark amber color, beautiful persistence of the foam head taken up by fine air bubbles, density and strength...
Diole Blond
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Brand: Brasserie des Carrières Model: 33CL diole blonde
Brasserie des Carrières6.5%33clIt's about a blond copper beer with a white mousse, plentiful and consists of fine bubbels. The saturation of the beer brings a fine air bubble with it, thanks to the bottom of the glass. To the nose Diôle provides fresh fruity aromas of citrus but also the fresh aroma..
Diole Brune
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Brand: Brasserie des Carrières Model: 33CL diole brown
Brasserie des Carrières8.5%33cl..
Brand: Brouwerij Verhaeghe Model: 25CL duchesse-de-bourgogne
Brouwerij Verhaeghe 6.2% 25cl “Duchesse de Bourgogne” is an ale of mixed fermentation. It is a sweet-fruity ale with a pleasant fresh aftertaste. This ale is brewed with roasted malts and with hops with a low bitterness. After the main fermentation and the lagering , the “Duchesse de Bourgogne” matu..
Brand: De dolle brouwers Model: 33CL-dulle-teve
De dolle brouwers10%33clA volcanic beer.A deep golden ale, strong, bitter and fruity beer from "The Crazy Brewers"...
Brand: Duvel Moortgat Model: Duvel 33CL blonde
Brasserie Duvel Moortgat 8.5% 33cl The Devil's brew! He has all the best tunes and the Belgians are not going to renounce this one of his works. It is pale and innocent tasting. It is the result of high and low fermentation of very special malts, special hops and special yeasts. It is tasty, long in..
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