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The six Trappist monasteries in Belgium produce a variety of beers from blonde to brown. They are distinctive from other beers and from each other, but have a family resemblance. The monks employ lay people for most of the brewing whilst remaining firmly in charge of the process. Abbey beers are made under licence and are less closely supervised.

Spencer Trappist Holiday Ale 75CL
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Brand: Spencer Model: 75CL-spencer-trappist-holiday
Spencer Brewery9%75clMahogany in color, wholesome in body, lightly spiced, a heart-warming feast day ale from our table to yours...
Spencer Trappist Imperial Stout 75CL
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Brand: Spencer Model: 75CL-trappist-imperial-stout
Spencer Brewery8.7%75clA massive, roasted, malt-forward American Trappist take on the Anglo-Russo Imperial Stout tradition.Luxuriantly frothy foam, waves of coffee, chocolate and caramel sensations, a generous blend of dark fruit flavors. Intense and robust...
Brand: Rochefort Model: 33CL-rochefort-10
Brasserie Rochefort 11.3% 33cl A strong aroma, velvety with a spicy flavour, this beer is delightful but must be treated with a cautious respect...
Brand: Rochefort Model: 33CL-rochefort-6
Brasserie Rochefort 7.5% 33cl A dark amber red beer with a thick brow head, it has cosiderable bitterness...
Brand: Rochefort Model: 33CL-rochefort-8
Brasserie Rochefort 9.2% 33cl A rich, bitter sweet, darkish beer with much spice, smooth and full of character...
Tre Fontane IPA
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Brand: Abbey de Tre Fontane Model: 33CL-tre-fontane-ipa
Abbey de Tre Fontane7,3%33cl Tre Fontane Tripel is the Italian Trappist beer ..
Tre Fontane Scala Coeli
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Brand: Abbey de Tre Fontane Model: 33CL-tre-fontane-scala-coeli
Abbey de Tre Fontane6,7%33cl Tre Fontane Scala Coeli is the Italian Trappist, amber  with fruity aroma and flavors...
Tre Fontane Tripel
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Brand: Abbey de Tre Fontane Model: 33CL-tre-fontane-tripel
Abbey de Tre Fontane8,5%33cl Tre Fontane Tripel is the Italian Trappist beer with eucalyptus ..
Brand: Mount St Bernard Abbey Model: 33CL-tynt-meadow
Mount St Bernard Abbey7,4% 33cl Dark chocolate, liquorice, and rich fruit flavours. The beer is full-bodied, gently balancing the taste of dark chocolate, pepper, and fig. It leaves a warm and dry finish on the palate...
Brand: Abdij der Trappisten Westmalle Model: 33CL-westmalle-dubbel
Brouwerij Abdij der Trappisten Westmalle7%33clWestmalle Dubbel is a dark red-brown beer with a rich, complex taste thanks to re-fermentation in the bottle. You pick up touches of caramel, malt and fruity esters reminiscent of ripe banana. The beer pearlises beneath a covering of dense, cream-coloure..
Brand: Abdij der Trappisten Westmalle Model: 33CL-westmalle-extra
Brouwerij Abdij der Trappisten Westmalle4.8%33cl..
Brand: Abdij der Trappisten Westmalle Model: 33CL-westmalle-tripel
Brouwerij Abdij der Trappisten Westmalle9.5%33clWestmalle Tripel is a clear Trappist beer, golden-yellow in colour, with amazingly fruity aromas of ripe banana and a lovely, subtle nose of hops. This full-mouthed beer offers finesse and elegance, with a mild taste and a creamy mouth feel, yielding b..
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