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Lambic or Fruit provides a general alcohol base for a range of beers produced in the Senne valley around Brussels.
It is the result of spontaneus fermentation provked by the Brettanomyces bacteria which is found in the air only here.
Lambic is aged for 1, 2. or 3 years in large barrels and blended like sherry to produce a souring tasting drink called Gueuze which is bottled.
Traditional Gueuze and Lambic are sour, but many people prefer them sweetened and the brewers have obliged them. When Morello cherries are macerated in a young Lambic, Kriek is produced. Most Lambicfruit beers have industrial flavourings added.

Brand: Geuzestekerij 3 Fonteinen Model: 37.5cl lambic 3 fonteinen oude kriek
Geuzestekerij 3 Fonteinen 6% 37.5cl..
Brand: Brasserie Boon Model: 37.5CL-boon-oude-kriek
Brasserie Boon 5% 37.5cl Framboise Boon is a traditional Belgian Lambic fruit-beer. It is brewed according to the tradional Lambic style of spontaneous fermentation. Only fresh raspberries (25%) and wildcherries (5%) are used for this Lambic beer. Framboise Boon is the missing link between beer and ..
Brand: Brasserie Boon Model: 37.5CL-boon-geuze-mariage-parfait
Brasserie Boon 8% 37.5cl..
Brand: Brasserie Boon Model: 37.5CL-boon-kriek
Brasserie Boon 4% 37.5cl Kriek Boon is a traditional Belgian Lambic fruit-beer. It is brewed accoring to the traditional Lambic style of spontaneous fermentation.Only fresh cherries (25%) are used.With only 4% Alc/vol it is a perfect summer drink...
Brand: Brasserie Boon Model: 37.5CL-boon-oude-kriek
Brasserie Boon 6.5% 37.5cl Oude Kriek Boon is one of the finest examples of the 100% spontaneous fermentation fruit-Lambic style. 400g of wild cherries are fermented together with a blend of young and old Boon-Lambic that has been aged in oak casks. The Oude Kriek is bottled and refermented, it is u..
Brand: Lambiek Fabriek Model: 75CL Brett-Elle Oude Geuze
Lambiek Fabriek 5,5% 75cl..
Brand: Lambiek Fabriek Model: 75CL Fontan-Elle
Lambiek Fabriek 5.5% 75cl..
Brand: Gueuzerie Tilquin Model: 37.5CL-gueuze-tilquin-à-l'ancienne
Gueuzerie Tilquin 6.4% 37.5cl The Gueuze Tilquin à l’ancienne (6.4% alc / vol) is a spontaneous fermentation beer obtained from the blending of 1, 2 and 3 years old lambics. Unfiltered and unpasteurized, it is re-fermented in the bottle for a minimum period of 6 months. The lambics used were f..
Brand: Hanssens Artisanaal Model: Hanssens oude gueuze 37.5CL lambic
Hanssens Artisanaal 6% 37.5cl..
Brand: Lambiek Fabriek Model: 37.5CL Jart-Elle Oude Kriek
Fontan-Elle 6% 37.5cl..
Brand: Brouwerij De Keersmaeker Model: Mort Subite Kriek
Brouwerij De Keersmaeker 6.5% 37.5cl..
Brand: Brouwerij De Keersmaeker Model: Mort Subite Original Gueuze
Brouwerij De Keersmaeker 4.5% 37.5cl..
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