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There are almost as many browns as blondes. They vary in colour from medium dark translucent to impenetrable black. They can be relatively light to very strong.

Some are bitter and others sweet. Most have a very complex structure of taste and aroma. You can even find beers in this category which go well with dark chocolate.

Brand: Brasserie d'Achouffe Model: 33CL mc chouffe brown
Brasserie d'Achouffe 8% 33cl Mc CHOUFFE is an unfiltered brown beer which is refermented both in the bottle and in barrels. Its fruity bouquet conceals a hint of bitterness...
Brand: Brasserie Dupont Model: 33CL moinette brune
Brasserie Dupont 8.5% 33cl Dupont is a small family brewery which is one of the glories of the art. The beers are lively, balanced, flavoursome and hoppy. The final, sometimes the first, taste is dry. The head is substantial and creamy. The brown Moinette is aromatic and dry...
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Brand: En Stoemelings Model: 33CL-noirolles
En Stoemelings5% 33cl Porter, light in alcohol, with aromas of coffee and cocoa with hints of red fruit ..
Brand: De dolle brouwers Model: 33CL-oerbier
De dolle brouwers9%33clSix different malts, brown sugar and three types of hops create this dark, rich, silky and strong ale. Similar to Rodenbach Grand Cru. Even after a few minutes in the glass the beer continues to foam. A volcanic beer...
Paljas Bruin
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Brand: Brasserie Henricus Model: Paljas Bruin
Brasserie Henricus6%33clTraditional Belgian brown beer of high fermentation with refermentation in the bottle. A rather dry dark speciality beer made with dark malts and 4 hops who are giving a rich flavor. Contains Barley Malt...
Brand: Van Den Bossche Model: 33CL-pater-lieven-bruin
Brouwerij Van Den Bossche 6.5% 33cl Very dark and creamy, rich in flavour and malty...
Brand: De Brabandere Model: 33Cl brown petrus dubbel bruin
Brouwerij De Brabandere 6.5% 33cl COMMERCIAL DESCRIPTION - Brown beer of high fermentation. This dark brown beer is the result of big quantities of specialty malts and natural caramel. This is resulting in a full malty beer with a taste of bitterness and caramel. The aromas are a mixture of burned m..
Brand: De Brabandere Model: 33Cl brown petrus oud bruin
Brouwerij De Brabandere 5.5% 33cl..
Saint-Monon Brune
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Brand: Brasserie Saint-Monon Model: 33Cl saint-monon brune
Brasserie Saint-Monon7.5%33clBrown Beer..
Brand: De Struise Brouwers Model: 33CL brown struise pannepot
De Struise Brouwers 10% 33cl Brown..
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