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There are almost as many browns as blondes. They vary in colour from medium dark translucent to impenetrable black. They can be relatively light to very strong.

Some are bitter and others sweet. Most have a very complex structure of taste and aroma. You can even find beers in this category which go well with dark chocolate.

Brand: Kazematten Model: 33CL brown grotten santé
Brouwerij Kazematten6.5% 33cl Grotten Santé is a dark brown, spicy beer, with small quantities of an ‘exotic’ ingredient that creates a slight dryness...
Brand: Van Steenberge Model: 33CL-gulden-draak
Brouwerij Van Steenberge10.5%33clA very dense, dark beer which looks, but does'nt taste, like a stout. It is full-bodied with bitterness, alcohol, hints of liquorice and aftertaste. Good for keeping. Top chefs use this beer to flavour some of their rich sauces. One such dish has won a top award in t..
Herberg Bruin
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Brand: Den Herberg Model: Herberg Bruin
Den Herberg 7% 33cl..
Brand: Brouwerij Strubbe Model: 25CL-ichtegems-oud-bruin
Brouwerij Strubbe 5.5%25clA red-brown beer of Western Flanders brewed according to the traditional method with different malt types. Hopped till circa 18 bitter units with perennial hop from Poperinge. After the main fermentation at a temperature of 18° Celsius, 80% of the beer goes in bright beer t..
Brand: Brasserie Grain d'Orge Model: Joup
Brasserie Grain d'Orge 7,5% 33cl Brown..
Brand: Van Honsebrouck Model: 33CL-kasteel-donker
Brewery Van Honsebrouck11%33clKasteel Donker is a member of the Belgian quadrupel family. These are strong, sweet to bitter, dark brown beers where the malt predominates. They were inspired by the beers of the Trappist brewers. It is a full-mouthed, malty beer with touches of caramel, coffee and cho..
Brand: Verbeeck-Back-De Cock Model: 33CL brown kerel
Verbeeck-Back-De Cock 6% 33cl brown..
La Brune du Pays Noir
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Brand: Brasserie Du Pays Noir Model: 33CL-la-brune-du-pays-noir
Brasserie du Pays Noir7%33CL..
Brand: De Koningshoeven Model: 33CL-la-trappe-dubbel
Brouwerij De Koningshoeven 7% 33cl Colour: Dark brown with ivory-coloured head.Aroma: Fruity aroma with dark tones of vanilla, caramel and roasted chocolate.Taste: La Trappe Dubbel is a classic, dark Trappist ale with a full malty, caramel-sweet taste and a subtle influence of dates, honey and dried..
Brand: Omer Vander Ghinste Model: 33Cl-lefort
Brouwerij Omer Vander Ghinste 9% 33cl LeFort is a complex, dark beer of 9° with a sweet and fruity touch. The pale and roasted, dark barley malts give the beer a perfect balance. The beer is lightly flavored with chocolate and caramel and the high fermentation gives a slight fruitiness. This results..
Brand: Malheur Model: 33Cl brown malheur 12
Brouwerij Malheur 12% 33cl The Malheur 12°, with its 12% alcohol by volume and deep chestnut colour is the crown jewel in the family of Malheur quality beers...
Brand: Brasserie de bellevaux Model: 33CL-malmedy-brown
Brasserie de bellevaux 6,8% 33cl Brown..
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