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Here we have the largest selection of all the categories. The colours vary from pale gold with a greenish tinge to medium dark with a reddish tinge. The tastes vary from very bitter to rather sweet. All strengths can be found. Some are very aromatic whilst other require a sensitive nose to discover their qualities. In other words, there something here for every beer drinker.

Brand: Brouwerij Van Eecke Model: 25CL-poperings-hommelbier
Brouwerij Van Eecke 7.5% 25cl Hommelbier from Poperinge was brewed for the first time in 1981, for the triennial hop festival in the village. Hommel is local dialect for hops, and was the inspiration for the name of this tribute to Poperinge’s most famous export product. Since then, Poperinge’s Homm..
Brand: Brasserie des Légendes Model: 33CL-quintine-bio-organic
Brasserie des Légendes 5,9% 33cl..
Brand: Brasserie des Légendes Model: 33CL-quintine-blonde
Brasserie des Légendes 8% 33cl..
Brand: De Proefbrouwerij Model: 33CL-reinaert-tripel
De Proefbrouwerij9%33cl..
Saison Dupont Biologique
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Brand: Brasserie Dupont Model: 33CL-saison-dupont-bio
Brasserie Dupont5.5%25cl..
Brand: De Block Model: 33CL satan gold blonde
De Block8%33clBright golden. Thick head. Malty, sweet aroma, with hints of spice, but mostly just fresh malt. Light body, low carbonation. Lots of sweet maltiness. Faint hint of banana and ginger...
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Brand: Brasserie Caracole Model: 33CL saxo blonde
Brasserie Caracole7.5% 33cl Golden, opaque. Very high carbonation. Big creamy head. Malty, fruity, with hints of cloves. Medium body. Intensely fizzy. Big fresh malt flavour. Lingering fruity spicy finish...
Brand: Het Nest Model: 33CL-het-nest-schuppenboer-tripel
Brouwerij Het Nest8%33CL..
Brand: De Ranke Model: 33CL-de-ranke-simplex
Brasserie De Ranke4.5%33clDespite Simplex being an ale, it has all the characteristics of an old-styled pils. It is a blond, unfiltered, unpasteurized, hoppy and bitter beer that remains low in alcohol. Resulting in a straw blonde, highly drinkable beer with plenty of flavor and character.Taste: Ref..
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Brand: Roman Model: 33CL-sloeber
Brewery Roman7.5%33clNose/aromas: Discreet with a closed nose, impressions of (sweet) malt, fruit, yeast and a subtle hint of honey.Flavour: Frank and powerful yet subtle in the mouth, discreet malty attack followed by a lovely presence of bitter hops, slightly sweet finish...
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