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Here we have the largest selection of all the categories. The colours vary from pale gold with a greenish tinge to medium dark with a reddish tinge. The tastes vary from very bitter to rather sweet. All strengths can be found. Some are very aromatic whilst other require a sensitive nose to discover their qualities. In other words, there something here for every beer drinker.

Brand: Alken-Maes Model: 33CL-blonde-hapkin
Brouwerijen Alken-Maes 8.5% 33cl A strong pale ale with a strong personality, a decent head, and plenty of bitterness...
Herberg Blond
Out Of Stock
Brand: Den Herberg Model: Herberg Blond
Den Herberg 8% 33cl Slightly sweet flavour of peach with some bitter citrus notes of grapefruit...
Brand: Het Nest Model: 33CL-het-nest-hertenheer
Brouwerij Het Nest6.5%33CL..
Brand: Hof Ten Dormaal Model: 33CL-hof-ten-dormaal-blond
Brouwerij Hof Ten Dormaal 8% 33cl..
Brand: Hof Ten Dormaal Model: 33CL-hof-ten-dormaal-fresh-hop
Brouwerij Hof Ten Dormaal 4.5% 33cl..
Brand: Hof Ten Dormaal Model: 33CL-hof-ten-dormaal-witgoud
Brouwerij Hof Ten Dormaal 8% 33cl..
Brand: Hof Ten Dormaal Model: 33CL-hof-ten-dormaal-zure
Brouwerij Hof Ten Dormaal 6% 33cl..
Brand: Brasserie de la Senne Model: 33CL Jambe de bois
Brasserie de la Senne 8% 33cl Blond and copper-colored, Jambe-de-Bois is a powerful and full-bodied beer. It has a scent of ripe banana and a subtle blend of old varieties of aromatic hops. As for taste, the malt dominates, supported by a long and delicate bitterness. It has 8% alcohol...
Brand: AB InBev Model: 33CL blonde julius
Brouwerij Hoegaarden (InBev) 8.5% 33cl ..
Brand: Van Honsebrouck Model: 33CL-kasteel-tripel
Brewery Van Honsebrouck11%33clThis tripel is a strong blonde beer in which both the bitterness and the fruitiness of the hops make their presence felt. The recipe has recently been changed to include a higher proportion of aroma hops. It has a subtle aroma with touches of fruit and impressions of ma..
Brand: Verbeeck-Back-De Cock Model: 33CL blonde kerel
Verbeeck-Back-De Cock 15% 33cl..
Kerel New England Session IPA
New Out Of Stock
Brand: Verbeeck-Back-De Cock Model: 33CL blonde kerel ipa
Verbeeck-Back-De Cock 2,5% 33cl blonde..
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