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Here we have the largest selection of all the categories. The colours vary from pale gold with a greenish tinge to medium dark with a reddish tinge. The tastes vary from very bitter to rather sweet. All strengths can be found. Some are very aromatic whilst other require a sensitive nose to discover their qualities. In other words, there something here for every beer drinker.

Brand: Hof Ten Dormaal Model: 33CL-hof-ten-dormaal-fresh-hop
Brouwerij Hof Ten Dormaal 4.5% 33cl..
Brand: Hof Ten Dormaal Model: 33CL-hof-ten-dormaal-witgoud
Brouwerij Hof Ten Dormaal 8% 33cl..
Brand: Hof Ten Dormaal Model: 33CL-hof-ten-dormaal-zure
Brouwerij Hof Ten Dormaal 6% 33cl..
Brand: Brasserie de la Senne Model: 33CL Jambe de bois
Brasserie de la Senne 8% 33cl Blond and copper-colored, Jambe-de-Bois is a powerful and full-bodied beer. It has a scent of ripe banana and a subtle blend of old varieties of aromatic hops. As for taste, the malt dominates, supported by a long and delicate bitterness. It has 8% alcohol...
Julius Blonde
Out Of Stock
Brand: AB InBev Model: 33CL blonde julius
Brouwerij Hoegaarden (InBev) 8.5% 33cl ..
Kasteel Tripel
Out Of Stock
Brand: Van Honsebrouck Model: 33CL-kasteel-tripel
Brewery Van Honsebrouck11%33clThis tripel is a strong blonde beer in which both the bitterness and the fruitiness of the hops make their presence felt. The recipe has recently been changed to include a higher proportion of aroma hops. It has a subtle aroma with touches of fruit and impressions of ma..
Kerel Kaishaku
New Out Of Stock
Brand: Verbeeck-Back-De Cock Model: 33CL blonde kerel
Verbeeck-Back-De Cock 15% 33cl..
Kerel New England Session IPA
New Out Of Stock
Brand: Verbeeck-Back-De Cock Model: 33CL blonde kerel ipa
Verbeeck-Back-De Cock 2,5% 33cl blonde..
Brand: Verbeeck-Back-De Cock Model: 33CL blonde saison kerel
Verbeeck-Back-De Cock 5,5% 33cl Saison..
Brand: L'Annexe Model: 33CL-l'annexe-blonde
L'Annexe Blonde7% 33cl ..
Brand: De Proefbrouwerij Model: 33CL-l'arogante-blond
De Proefbrouwerij7.2%33clL’Arogante is a blond beer that is brewed from light barley malt. Three different kinds of hops give it its typical soft bitterness and unique fruity aroma's...
La Blonde du Pays Noir
Out Of Stock
Brand: Brasserie Du Pays Noir Model: 33CL-la-blonde-du-pays-noir
Brasserie du Pays Noir7%33CL..
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