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The transition from gold to amber is sometimes very subtle, which is why amber beers vary from dark gold to red in colour.

Usually the malt has been toasted for a little longer and the combination of flavours and aromas is complex.

They can be very light through to exceptionally strong.
Brand: Brasserie Brunehaut Model: 33CL-brunehaut-bio-ambree
Brasserie Brunehaut 6.5%33clBrunehaut Amber Bio - Organic & Gluten Free, A pretty red beer with an old Tawny colour, delicate amber with cognac accents...
Brand: Brasserie Brunehaut Model: 33CL-brunehaut-bio-tripel
Brasserie Brunehaut 8%33clA more coppery appearance and maintained, antique or light with a good persistent head...
Brand: Brasserie Dubuisson Model: 33CL bush ambrée
Brasserie Dubuisson12%33clA deep amber colour, a furry head, soft, creamy, fruity scents all with a soft, rounded, smooth palate with a taste of walnut ander a lingering dryness disguise the formidable strength of this beer...
Bush de Noël
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Brand: Brasserie Dubuisson Model: 33CL-bush-de-noël
Brasserie Dubuisson12%33clThe Bush de Noël is amber in colour with aromas ranging from banana and pineapple to caramel and dried fruits.The Bush de Noël is full, rounded and beautifully dense.It has a slightly bitter taste with an underlying sweetness, yielding to aromas of caramel and praline and r..
Brand: Brasserie Caracole Model: 33CL caracole amber
Brasserie Caracole 7.5%  33cl  This is lean, elegant, long on the palate with deep and lasting hop flavour with a hint of orange peel. ..
Brand: Abbaye de Scourmont Model: 33CL-chimay-dorée
Abbaye de Scourmont 4.8% 33cl Commercial description: The Chimay Gold, which is brewed in the heart of Scourmont Abbey, was for long reserved for the monastic community and its guests and staff. Its refreshing aromas of hops and spice are now yours to try...
Brand: En Stoemelings Model: 33CL-curieuse-neus
En Stoemelings7% 33cl ..
Cuvee Ermesinde
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Brand: Brasserie Saint-Monon Model: Cuvee Ermesinde
Brasserie Saint-Monon7.8%33clA 7.8% amber beer. It is made naturally from mainly local ingredients from the South East of Belgium. There are no added chemicals. Ithas floral and fruit scents, tastes of liquorice, fig and honey, and a mildly bitter persistent aftertaste mixed with caramel...
Diole Amber
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Brand: Brasserie des Carrières Model: 33Cl diole amber
Brasserie des Carrières7.5%33clvery elegant dark amber color, beautiful persistence of the foam head taken up by fine air bubbles, density and strength...
Brand: De dolle brouwers Model: 33CL-dulle-teve
De dolle brouwers10%33clA volcanic beer.A deep golden ale, strong, bitter and fruity beer from "The Crazy Brewers"...
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Brand: Crombe Model: 33CL-egmont
Brouwerij Crombe 7%33cl..
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