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Van Viven

Brand: Van Viven Model: 33cl amber viven ale
Brouwerij van Viven 5% 33cl Viven Ale guarantees a tasty beer with a fruity flavor. The aftertaste is quite long and is accessible to the general public. Viven Ale is a true reception beer...
Brand: Van Viven Model: 33cl viven blond
Brouwerij van Viven 6.1% 33cl Viven Blond is made by the unique recipe of its inventor Willy De Lobel. The blond Viven is a nice companion to many dishes and salads. It is a real thirst quencher. Viven blond is a little summer in your glass!..
Brand: Van Viven Model: 33cl viven imperial ipa
Brouwerij van Viven 8% 33cl Viven Imperial IPA is originally from the west coast of America. This recipe, combined with the Flemish brewing art, has an excellent result. It does many beer lovers' hearts beat faster. It is a bitter hunk with a beautiful balance of citrus keys (especially pink grapefr..
Brand: Van Viven Model: 33cl viven master ipa
Brouwerij van Viven 7% 33cl..
Brand: Van Viven Model: 33cl viven porter
Brouwerij van Viven 7% 33cl Viven Porter is a fairly bitter porter beer, smoked to produce grand flavours . Is for the beer connoisseur a remarkable piece of craftmanship compiled into a single glass of beer. The finesse in the finish and creamy crown make many mouths water (or better: ‘beer’)...
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