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De Ranke

Brand: De Ranke Model: 33CL-guldenberg
Brasserie De Ranke8%33clGuldenberg is a high-fermenting, balanced bitter beer. The origin of the name comes from the former Guldenberg-abbey in Wevelgem where monks used to make beer. Also, Wevelgem is the birthplace of one of the brewers...
Brand: De Ranke Model: 33CL-noir-de-dottignies
Brasserie De Ranke8.5%33clNoir de Dottignies is a complex, high fermenting dark beer, brewed with 7 different malts which includes chocolate malts and dark-roasted malts...
Père Noël
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Brand: De Ranke Model: 33CL amber père noël
Brasserie De Ranke7%33clPère Noël is a bitter Christmas beer with a hint of licorice.Taste: Bitter, semi-spiced flavour with a very long-lasting aftertaste...
Brand: De Ranke Model: 33CL-saison-de-dottignies
Brasserie De Ranke5.5%33clSaison de Dottignies is a high-fermenting saison with a relatively low alcohol content which makes for a well-balanced beer...
Brand: De Ranke Model: 33CL-de-ranke-simplex
Brasserie De Ranke4.5%33clDespite Simplex being an ale, it has all the characteristics of an old-styled pils. It is a blond, unfiltered, unpasteurized, hoppy and bitter beer that remains low in alcohol. Resulting in a straw blonde, highly drinkable beer with plenty of flavor and character.Taste: Ref..
Brand: De Ranke Model: 33CL-xx-bItter
Brasserie De Ranke6%33clXX-bitter is our most bitter, high-fermenting beer. Despite its low alcohol content, it produces a very rich, long lasting, full flavour...
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